Sand Springs United Methodist Church is pleased to announce the inauguration of new services at its South Sand Springs location at 101 W 38th Street (behind the Auto Zone). We have been hosting social events and other private activities at this campus for several years. We are now changing our focus and working to become – One Church in Two Locations.

Join us on the Fourth Friday of every month for a fun fellowship event. These will often include popular Food Trucks, free desserts, and fellowship with people from our community.

Then, on the following Sunday, we will host an informal worship service at 6:00PM. These services are designed for people who want to know more about Jesus, but don’t much care for “church,” as we traditionally know it. We will be very casual; everyone is welcome – brings the kids; be prepared to meet Jesus and his people in very different ways than you might be familiar with.

Throughout this process we will also be listening to hear what the community around us needs in terms of services we might be able to provide. Are you looking for after-school programs? Do you need help with your relationships? How about a date night for parents? We want to know what you are interested in so we can see what we can do to help. So, please join us; come with no pre-conceived notions of what “church” should be like – Be open to helping us build a church community designed by and for this community.