Please remember these in your prayers:

Jim & Vi McAllister, Martha Scudder, Charlene Reeves, June Brown, Mary McGowan, Mary Lea Forsythe, BW Proft, Sue Shaw, Michael Bostwick, Greta Green, Bob & Cathy Hula, Bill & Clare Caldwell, John & Sylvia Johnson, Barbara McClintock, Montie Box, Owen Johnston, Ruth Weaver, Darin Grayson, Pauline Hanigar, Frank Slane, David Allen, Bruce & Mona Warren, Last Week’s Prayer Chains & Unspoken Requests



If someone needs to be added to the prayer list or someone was taken off too soon,

please contact Tracey in the front office

to update prayer list.









Our PRAYER MINISTRY TEAM prays constantly for requests from people just like you.  You do not need to be a church member or even live within our community.  We are eager to pray for your needs no matter who or where you are.  If you feel drawn to God; if you feel the need for comfort or healing; if there is anything that causes you stress or emotional pain; we believe that God is the source of what we all need – the power to provide comfort and wholeness.  Please send us prayer requests and let us lift our voices in prayer to God on your behalf. To be added to our Email Prayer Chain Distribution List, CLICK HERE.