The Christians in Action Class and the Pathfinders Class joined together to become one class.  Our Mission: Christians on a Pathway of Action to Become Better Disciples for Christ.  The class meets in the Education Wing on the main level.

Class Format: Open discussion with a very relaxed atmosphere.  Class discussion is lead by a class member with everyone participating.  We use a revolving curriculum from sociological issues to straight Bible Studies, typical series last about 3-4 months.

Diversity: We have a very mixed religious background of members which gives us a lot of diversity in opinions and ideas.   Our unofficial motto is “We agree to disagree”.

Age group: Open to all.  New and seasoned Christians all striving to broaden our knowledge and our service to Christ.  We would welcome anyone of any age group that wishes to become a part of our group.

Our Goal: To “Keep an Attitude of Gratitude” and to help the Sand Springs United Methodist Family grow while providing Christian mission services to those in need in our community.