Staples: that which is used, needed, or enjoyed constantly. What IS in our diet? Most people think of what foods we eat on a regular, if not, on a daily basis; which is important! However, what is our Staple of Spiritual Food; that which we use, need, or enjoy constantly, even consistently?

The Psalmist in today’s Scripture says: “Delight yourself in the Lord”. In this particular context, it means to BE, dependent upon God and to derive one’s pleasure from Him. Does this describe us? Do we rely solely upon God? Do we derive our Greatest Pleasure from God? Would we rather spend our time communing with God in Worship, the Word, Prayer, or with other people engaged in other activities?

I can only speak for myself here, but I am often guilty of preferring the things of this Life, to the Living and True God. It is NOT uncommon for God to SEEM distant or abstract in our sojourn here on this earth. At the same time, the good gifts which God has given to each of us, for example: family, friends, food and shelter, are often so accessible and provide us with instant gratification. I confess here, that I am often guilty of Delighting in them more than I am God. How about you?

The Psalmist calls us to “Delight ourselves in” God. In fact, he does more than just make a suggestion here. The verb translated “Delight”, is an imperative in the Hebrew, meaning this IS a command. This is not a helpful suggestion which the Psalmist sets before us; NO; this – is – a – command from the pen of the inspired Psalmist, to STRIVE to DELIGHT completely in God. How do we do this?

STAPLES: What’s in Your Diet?
Psalm 37:1-11
Preached by Albert Kahl
Sunday, August 20, 2017